~ Parental Chaperone From Hell ~

Through a process entirely unknown to me, I find myself signed up for a three day/two night John Poole Middle School outdoor education camp…and I’m going as….get this….a parent chaperone.


I don’t honestly know how it happened.  It was a blur.  My friend….or at least, I thought she was my friend, Wendy, cajoled and flattered and finagled me into it somehow.

I’m not speaking to her ever again.

Or at least until I see her again. And even then, only if she is bearing coffee and chocolate for me.

I think she said something along the lines of, “You’ll be so good for the kids!  Your daughter needs you there!  It will be good for you to make new friends!  There will be s’mores!”

I heard this: “Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, S’mores.”

And the next thing I knew I was signed up.  Committed.

My Captain, the love of my life, said he would come too, without hesitation.  Not because he isn’t already SERIOUSLY over-committed.  Not because he relishes the idea of a complete and total lack of privacy for three days.  And not because he is crazy, though the thought crossed my mind.

He is doing it because he loves my kids. He’s doing it because he loves other kids…all kids.  He is doing it because he is driven to teach and model and encourage.  He is entirely selfless.   He is doing it because he is truly, honestly, sincerely a hero in every way.  Yes, he is a hero as a firefighter and paramedic.  Yes, he’s a hero as a rescue technician for the Urban Search and Rescue Maryland Task Force One’s Collapse Rescue Team.  But for an infinitely more important reason, he’s a hero because he has an enormous heart.   No one had to cajole him into this venture.


I’m in it for the S’mores.

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8 thoughts on “~ Parental Chaperone From Hell ~

  1. Wendy Huff

    I am SOOO glad I talked you into it! 🙂 & and Troy’s coming too! We WILL have a great time… & there WILL be s’mores! The opportunity to spend a few days outdoors with 150+ sixth graders roaming the woods, what more could you ask for? Yes, we are crazy, but, yes, we will have fun!

    Chocolate & coffee; not a bad combination!


  2. Paul Gimbel

    He’s doing it because he’s a hero. He’s doing it because he has a heart of gold. He’s doing it because you have a daughter that will be surrounded by middle school boys for two nights .

  3. Captain9

    ONLY 3 days and 2 nights? Montgomery county schools are WIMPY!! In Washington county outdoor school is 4 nighs 5 days. Thats right babe a FULL WEEK. Mon-Fri. I went both times with my boys. I slept in the bunkroom with the girls. It will be fun, it will be exhausting and you will have great memories!! Don’t forget to take your camera!

  4. Elizabeth Adamczak

    He’s doing it to keep an eye on YOU…! ;-P

    • Paul Gimbel

      Interesting idea…maybe it’s PAM being surrounded by middle school boys that would be more to worry about.

  5. Tammy

    I’m sorry but let me be a truthful loving friend! When I first saw you were going to be a chaperone it really made me want to laugh! Ok I did say truthful I laughed and probably even said oh gheez oh gheez! Do these other chaperones have any idea? Then I read Troy was going and said Ahh ha then I read Elizabeth’s post and thought “Exactly!” I can’t wait to hear all about it and all the trouble Pam I mean the kids get into! Pam I love you but remember if you want those smores you going to have to try at least try and behave! Lol

  6. Don

    150+ kids???? Hope you’re good at corralling cats!!!

  7. Carolyn

    The results are in and you Mama Boe have been bestowed the title of “Best Parent Chaperone at Outdoor Ed 2012” by my daughter Brennah. Oh, and she says you and Wendy are super fun and you are totally funny, but we all knew that already.

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