~ A Romantic Dinner By The Sea ~

We had the evening to ourselves.  The entirety of the blazing hot day had been spent on the hellacious, shade-less, heat-sink of a wooden deck at Pop-Pop’s Cottage sanding and re-finishing furniture.  We deserved a quiet, romantic dinner by the Sea.

It was nearing dusk, the colors of the sky blended seamlessly with those of the sea.  Quiet violin music wafted through the air, and the tantalizing smell of fresh-grilled fish tempted us.  Our waitress assured us that we had the best seat of the outer porch, the best view of the end-of-season, tourist-less, beach and sea.  She invited us to linger and enjoy the evening.

I wanted to remember this moment, and begged my beloved to borrow his phone so I could snap a picture of him.  I wanted to capture this.  So often in our harried life we are pulled away from each other, our focuses become fractured and blurry.  I yearned for more of this quiet, this undistracted peace.

With God’s palate behind him, I snapped the first photo.

Hmmm.  That isn’t much of a smile, Love.  Really.  This is for posterity.  Can you try a little harder? Please?

Ummm.  That doesn’t look sincere.  It’s a little too posed, and seriously doesn’t even look like you.  Let me try again.

HEY!  The menu isn’t going anywhere.  Dammit!  Look at me!  I want to remember this peaceful moment, you Boob!

Er….clearly you don’t see ‘Boob‘ as a term of affection…ahem….

Look, let me give you an idea of what I’m shooting for in this picture.  Here, you take the phone and snap one of me.  I’ll show you how it’s supposed to look.  Be natural.  Make love to the camera, but employ subtlety.  Like this:


Now give me back the phone so I can take another one of you.

No, seriously, give it back to me.


C’mon!  I’m not kidding!

Look, I’m sorry I called you a ‘Boob.’



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2 thoughts on “~ A Romantic Dinner By The Sea ~

  1. Anonymous

    Nice porch tho!!!!

  2. Lora

    This has nothing to do with your blog, I just wanted to comment on how amazing you look with your hair short! I love it!

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