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~ Sexy Hobbit Feet ~

I think we’ve already established that I have feet so calloused, they make alligator skin seem soft and supple.  Was it 2012 we discussed that in ~ Walking On Hot Coals ~ ?  I remember how kind and non-judgemental you all were about it back then, so I have absolutely no qualm about sharing another sexy aspect of my tootsies with you.

I didn’t realize how hairy my feet have gotten…specifically my toes…until I had a pedicure today, and proudly suggested to the owner of our beloved nail salon here in Poolesville that she put a picture of my newly painted toes up on their Facebook page.

I mean, who doesn’t love a fun watermelon design on their toes during the summer, right?


But when I got home and saw the picture on facebook, I realized not only are my piggly wigglies painted in perfect watermelon regalia… my hairy hobbit toes showed up in full force too!


Look at these puppy paws, will you?  And I am the person who suggested this picture get plastered on Facebook for the whole town to see.  Could I possibly be more of an obtuse dork?

There was only one thing to do about this.  I had no choice but to strut it, as if I meant for this to happen all along.  I embraced the Hobbit in me, and am putting it out there for all of you to witness, as well.  If you’re going to accept me for my crocodile soles, you might as well love me for my furball toes.

Sounds like a country western song:  (Sing with a heartfelt Twang)

“She’s got crocodile soles,

and fur ball toes,

and I love her, God knows,

heaven help me!”

Look, I’m not saying it is a GOOD country western song.  I’m just saying if you put it to music, it would play well.  I’ll try to get My Captain to record it for you. I’m sure he’ll sign right up.

Don’t judge.


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