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~ Cheesy Mustache ~

One of My Captain’s friends, Lisa, found an old photo of him and shared it on Facebook.

In it My Captain, who most certainly was NOT a Captain at the time of the photo, his handsome brother, who is currently a Lieutenant, though HE wasn’t at the time, and their dad, affectionately known as ‘Papa’, are at the scene of a fire.  A fire that occurred decades ago!  A charming photo, it’s easy to note how strongly firefighting runs in this family!


And I about peed myself laughing.

Not because of the old fire gear they were wearing.

Not because of the hair on My Captain’s head.

Not because of how young they all look.

But because of My Captain’s cheesy Mustache.

If ever there were an attempt by a young man to appear older, it would be the cheesy-soft-haired-barely-out-of-peach-fuzz mustache.

Oh don’t worry, it’s much more manly when he grows it out now.  Like, incredibly manly.  As in holy-crap-I-need-to-sit-down-before-I-fall-down manly.  In fact, I have to ask him to shave, just so I can maintain my equilibrium.


And I don’t like scratchy kisses on my soft little bouche.  (That’s french for ‘mouth,’ all you pervs out there.)

How does he handle my teasing of him and his decades-old cheesy mustache picture?  How does he handle me blogging about it?  Well, ….since we’re friends and all,  I’ll be honest, and show you the uncropped photo:

10417_1256462689068_5161676_n (2)

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~ Well EXCUUUUSE me!!! ~

We’re on a Steve Martin kick here at The Little Cottage.

I bought a Carol Burnett DVD a few weeks ago that has Martin in a couple of skits, and Critter has been inspired beyond measure.


It’s astounding when, with his 10-year-old voice, he recites entire comedic monologues, managing to nail it both in timing and inflection.  He captures the essence of the 80’s in the process.  How a kid born in 2003 can ‘get’ 1980’s Steve Martin is beyond me.


I’m filled with pride and awe at his innate comedic talent.


And I live in fear of the first time he uses it on his teacher at school.

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~ Don’t Waste Your Life Matching Socks ~

Last week I read the wonderfully warm and fuzzy quip: “Life is too short to waste it matching socks,” and thought it was sage advice, indeed.  I offered it up to my Varmint, who at the tender age of 11 is beginning to pay attention to things like that.

2013-02-24 15.25.43

But my sweet Varmint spent quite a bit of time doing the exact opposite for her basketball game today.

2013-02-24 15.24.18

Literally, she spent more time trying to find mismatched socks than she would have finding matched ones.  And I know some of her team mates did the same thing.

2013-02-24 15.26.54

I totally get her strategy:  Baffle the opponent.  Totally understand.  No need to explain….

…..because that is the exact same strategy I use parenting.

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~ Busted on Valentine’s Day ~

Every year I put snow globes in my Varmint and Critter’s Valentine’s Baskets.

The same stinkin’ snow globes.

I think I bought them back in 2003 at CVS.  They were on sale after Valentine’s day for around a buck a piece.  (I’ll buy just about anything if it’s a buck.  All I have to do is think, “Meh, it’s a buck.  So what if I don’t need a plastic-handled ninnyhammer, it’s only a buck!”)

Every year I’ve lined the same two heart-shaped, red, plastic baskets with the same tissue paper, the same snow globes, and the same candy hearts. (No, seriously, the SAME candy hearts.  They never get eaten!)  And I’ve done it since they were toddlers.  I just add fresh chocolate, a new valentine card that I made, and maybe a toy or two.  And then I strew all the valentines we’ve exchanged over the years around the table so we can revisit our sweet valentine’s memories.

This year is the first year that the kids noticed the snow globes are the same as last year’s.   Varmint, upon discovering that I’ve been regifting the same snow globes for an entire decade was appalled that I was so cheap.  But hey, she didn’t notice for a decade!  Seriously, could it have meant so much to her?

I tried to point out that the sentiment of Valentine’s day has nothing to do with spending money on new toys, and everything to do with love and affection and loyalty.   I would think that tradition….like getting given the same gift year after year after year….might spark a little sentimentality!

She wasn’t buying it.

I didn’t have the courage to tell her about the candy hearts….

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~ Time Sucks ~

I promise this won’t take long.  I’m just going to cry on your shoulder a little bit.  Just go with it.

See these girls? Varmint and her friends from years ago…



Here they are just this weekend, learning to become self-sufficient.  Learning to fly.  Learning to navigate the dangerous rapids in the river of life.

photo (2)

Okay, okay.  They were just learning how to make egg noodles from scratch.  But dammit, egg noodles are in the river of life!

photo (3)

The point of this post is that instead of feeling joy at the growth and change in these beautiful souls, I find myself crying.  No, seriously.  I’m crying.

Time and I, we’re not on the best of terms.

We have issues.

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