~ Cheesy Mustache ~

One of My Captain’s friends, Lisa, found an old photo of him and shared it on Facebook.

In it My Captain, who most certainly was NOT a Captain at the time of the photo, his handsome brother, who is currently a Lieutenant, though HE wasn’t at the time, and their dad, affectionately known as ‘Papa’, are at the scene of a fire.  A fire that occurred decades ago!  A charming photo, it’s easy to note how strongly firefighting runs in this family!


And I about peed myself laughing.

Not because of the old fire gear they were wearing.

Not because of the hair on My Captain’s head.

Not because of how young they all look.

But because of My Captain’s cheesy Mustache.

If ever there were an attempt by a young man to appear older, it would be the cheesy-soft-haired-barely-out-of-peach-fuzz mustache.

Oh don’t worry, it’s much more manly when he grows it out now.  Like, incredibly manly.  As in holy-crap-I-need-to-sit-down-before-I-fall-down manly.  In fact, I have to ask him to shave, just so I can maintain my equilibrium.


And I don’t like scratchy kisses on my soft little bouche.  (That’s french for ‘mouth,’ all you pervs out there.)

How does he handle my teasing of him and his decades-old cheesy mustache picture?  How does he handle me blogging about it?  Well, ….since we’re friends and all,  I’ll be honest, and show you the uncropped photo:

10417_1256462689068_5161676_n (2)

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One thought on “~ Cheesy Mustache ~

  1. My husband had a moustache ‘back in the day’ and I always tell him that if he’d had that nasty thing when we met, we would have never had a first date. He looked like a pedophile…gross. 🙂

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