~ Takes The Cake ~

We’re in the middle of our Advent Chains this December, as we go chugging full speed towards Christmas Day, and My Captain just opened one that takes the cake.

Remember, every Thanksgiving we write 25 links of love or affirmation or encouragement for each one of us, and every morning in December, we each get to start the day with a little pat on the back by opening one of our advent links.


It’s so much fun, and everyone looks forward to it.

Doesn’t it get hard to think of new things after a while?  Well, heck yes!  We each have to actually dig DEEP to get new and creative every year.  It actually takes…..wait for it….EFFORT.

Do they complain sometimes when I make them sit down to write them up?

HELLO!?  Are we a normal family?  Is this a trick question?  I think it would be weirder if they didn’t whine about having to write them.   But do they love to open them?  You bet your sweet bonnet they do.

And why on earth are you wearing a bonnet in this day and age?  Weirdo.

Here is today’s link that had My Captain snickering:

2015-12-09 10.18.43

A little background to it:  Stephen Amell is an actor who plays “The Arrow” on the CW channel, and frankly, he’s delicious. This is Stephen.

Stephen Amell

He’s perfection, obviously.  If you like raw strength combined with chiseled features, that is.

My Captain, who is perfection to ME in just about every way (except for that thing he does with cracking his ankle.  That drives me up the wall.  What a freak!) read that link and just chortled.  He guffawed.  He cackled.

2015-12-09 10.18.48

Okay, he did none of these things.  He’s not a chortler or a cackler.  He did, chuckle, though.   He’s a quiet chuckler.  Kind of like any cowboy in any western you’ve ever seen.  It’s all deep and manly and quiet and confident.  His amusement is what I live for.

Where was I?

Right, advent chains.  Anyways, this one was hilarious. The kids love to mess with him.  We can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s says!

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