~ We’s Stuck!!! ~

We’re well and truly stuck.  Well, technically, I am well and truly stuck.  My Captain has been able to move about with his 4-wheel drive and testosterone; that and the fact that he was wise enough to park at the end of the driveway at The Little Cottage.

My little pea-brain didn’t consider that.

2016-01-24 11.44.40

Honestly though, I don’t mind a bit. I am not so important that I have places to go or people to see.  In fact, I have no where to go, and no one wants to see me!

But My Captain is all wound around the axle because I am well and truly STUCK!  He worries about me, God love him!

2016-01-24 11.44.09

That’s my van.  It’s not coming out of 30″ snow drifts all the way down to the road, any time soon.

In years past, Papa lived here, and he always shared his tractor and snow plow and that was how everyone on the street got out after a snow storm!  But Papa moved, and he sold his tractor, and that left us all to realize how much we depended on him!

In short: My Captain is feeling impotent, and missing his dad.

I miss dad, too, but instead of feeling impotent, am gleefully cocooning in place, delighted that I can’t leave, and no one can come bother me!  Isn’t that AWFUL?!  We couldn’t be more opposite in perspective on this one!

“What if it snows again?!” he cries.

“We’ll be fine!  We have food and everything we need!” I answer, cheerfully.

“What if we have an emergency?” he returns.

“Are you serious?” I cock an eyebrow at him  “You’re a freaking fireman for 30 years and you ask me what we would do in an emergency?  DORK.  911 works for us like everyone else.”

“We are NOT going to be a drain on the emergency system.” he argues.

“You’re right, we’re not.  Know why?  Because we aren’t going to have an emergency!”

As you can imagine, we’re not getting anywhere in this argument.

Kinda like our driveway.


Don’t judge.



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