~ A Couple Of Slackers ~

Today has not been as relaxing as I imagined it would be.  Something about having over 2 feet of snow dumped on a Mama makes her go into feeding overdrive.  I MUST feed anyone within 50 feet of me.

Since I got up this morning, I’ve made no fewer than 6 dozen cookies, a batch of homemade egg noodles to go with the Homemade Chicken Soup, grilled cheddar and smoked turkey subs, sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches, homemade cocoa, cinnamon rolls, and fresh fruit salad.

In short, I’ve either been cooking or doing dishes all day!

The evening was upon us, and I was tired and beginning to get grumpy.  My Captain and Varmint had gone out to shovel the back deck and pathway again.  I was doing dishes for the umpteenth time, but it was the LAST set of dishes I had to wash, and I saw light at the end of the tunnel.  Then, I saw this through the window:

2016-01-23 18.33.34

What the heck?

2016-01-23 18.33.22

Yeah, I see you guys.  I see you guys NOT WORKING.

2016-01-23 18.33.26

And by the smarmy look on your face, you’re not at all ashamed.  I need to get a better look at this.

I’ll tiptoe out onto the deck, past the massive snow fort Critter built earlier….

2016-01-23 18.37.25

and see if my eyes were deceiving me.

2016-01-23 18.36.16

Nope.  I saw what I thought I saw.

2016-01-23 18.36.27

Don’t you guys have better sense than this?

2016-01-23 18.36.31

Don’t you two numbskulls realize that you’re just sitting in the blizzard?

2016-01-23 18.37.02

You’re just letting the snow  and wind hit you in the face.

2016-01-23 18.36.40

Why? Why are you doing this?

It’s below freezing, it’s a blizzard, it’s dark, and you guys are SUPPOSED to be clearing the path, while I’m slaving in the kitchen!

2016-01-23 18.36.52

You could at least stop looking so smug about it.

I’m going back inside to eat all the cookies.

That’ll teach you.






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