~ That Freakin’ Tree ~

When I posted my previous post about having difficulty getting the top of our outside Blue Spruce lit for the Christmas season, I honestly did NOT think I would come off as nagging.

2015-12-16 17.43.37

I don’t need a blog to come off as nagging.  I can do it live, any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

I had one of my awful headaches today…the kind that makes light too bright, sound too loud, and any smell nausea inducing.  It was one of THOSE headaches.  Fortunately, I have some high powered meds for both the pain, and the nausea, and had promptly taken those as soon as I realized it was going that direction.  Problem with those meds, though, is they make me fuzzy-headed. We’re talking seriously fuzzy-headed.

More than I normally am.  A lot more than normal.  We could even call it hairy-headed, because we’re not talking run of the mill fuzzy.  What I’m saying is that when I’m on these meds, I can’t even wrap my tongue around my own name.

The best thing I can do when it gets like this is climb into my bed.  Which I did, whining that I couldn’t afford to spend the afternoon in bed because I NEED to get the Christmas lights up on the outside tree!  I NEED TO, I tell you!  (Remember, I’ve got a wager on this with the neighbor who owns the orchard down the road!)

After about an hour in bed, I dragged myself out from under the covers, pulled on an old raggedy sweater, and blinked at the light as I crept gingerly downstairs.  The kids had come home from school and were outside with My Captain and his best friend, Ty, stringing lights on the outside tree for me!  Apparently My Captain had texted Ty and asked him if he could spare an hour to help him with something, and Ty’s immediate thought was, “This is about that freakin’ tree, I bet.”

Proving two things:  1) My previous post DID come across as nagging, much to my chagrin, and 2) Ty reads Mama Boe, which means he is SERIOUSLY hard up for entertainment, and now I feel obliged to be as entertaining as I possibly can so I don’t disappoint My Captain’s oldest and best friend and that is some serious stress, because how the heck could I possibly live up to that kind of expectation? Who could?  No one, that’s who.

So now, obviously, I wish I’d never said anything about the freakin’ tree in the first place.


2015-12-16 17.47.32

It is awfully pretty.

One of my favorite things about lighting this tree during the holidays is that The Little Cottage is nestled in the woods around the bend of a lonely country road, and the night is SO VERY dark all around us.  And if you are driving down that quiet country road at night, and round the bend, you see a beacon….

2015-12-16 17.48.42

of sweet light…

2015-12-16 17.48.09

that boldly exclaims, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

2015-12-16 17.47.32

Because subtlety has never been my strong suit.

And if a bright, joyful light breaking through the darkness doesn’t perfectly honor the birth of Jesus, I don’t know what does!

Thank you, My Captain, Ty, and Varmint and Critter!  This was the best Christmas present ever!





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