~ Behold Caesar! ~

My friend Bonnie, who isn’t JUST my friend, she’s also My Captains’ best friend’s sister, and was Critter and Varmint’s 3rd grade teacher back in The Day… recently opened a little curio/antique shop near us…


called Mrs. Brown’s Attic, in Barnesville, Maryland.


It’s adorable.


Housed in a century old store…with original floor and windows and shelving,


all it’s missing is the wood stove that no doubt heated the place a hundred years ago.


She even has food out for anyone to share…usually her homemade macaroons and chocolate pretzels.


Well amongst some of the cool finds at her store was a pottery/stoneware/plaster bust of Ceasar.   Complete with faux gilding.  This thing was something else, let me tell you.

My Captain’s best friend (and Bonnie’s brother), Ty, thought it would be funny to buy it for Varmint, just because it was so weird.  He didn’t actually do it, but he did chuckle to us that it would be funny to give it to her for Christmas.

We shared this with Varmint, who figured it would be even funnier if she gave it to HIM for Christmas.

And Mrs. Brown approved.  We love Bonnie’s sense of humor!  So we hauled Caesar into the minivan and took him home.


Behold Caesar in my kitchen!


Behold Caesar wrapped in paper!


Behold Ceasar under Ty and Maggie’s Christmas tree!  (He’s at work tonight at the fire station, so Maggie let me in to set up Caesar!)

In all honesty, we don’t know WHO the bust is supposed to be. And he doesn’t really look like the Caesar we all have seen in history books, but, “Behold Brutus!”  or, “Behold Schmitty!”  doesn’t work for me.

Tonight, Ty came home and found Caesar under the Christmas tree.

Didn’t even have to open it.

Knew immediately he’d been had.

When he saw Varmint, the only thing he said was, “Oh, it’s ON.”

She looked him straight in the eyes, and simply smiled.

That’s it.  She just smiled.

It scared the heck out of me.  A 14-year-old calmly smiling?  Oh HELL no.

This will be interesting.  I honestly have no idea how this will play out!

Who would you root for?


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One thought on “~ Behold Caesar! ~

  1. Sharon Garrett

    I have been in your store and love it! I have been waiting for someone to open a quaint shop in that building. The black sleigh on the porch caught my eye a few weeks ago. Then I saw one just like it on a porch in Myersville on Sunday. Could it be that the lady bought it from you?

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