~ Shopping List ~

Critter asked me pitifully today if I would buy him popsicles.  He’d been so good all afternoon, and life is short…why would I say, “No?”

So I told him to add it to my shopping list on the fridge door.

Hours later, as I was assembling My Captain’s Shift’s Breakfast Casserole for tomorrow (he often feeds his guys at line-up.  A well fed army!), I realized I would need to replenish some grocery items.

I turned to my shopping list on the fridge,

2013-03-04 20.27.26

…yes, yes, I know, not very organized, is it?  But hey, we LIVE around here.  We don’t have time to be organizing fridge magnets for crying out loud.  Why the heck would anybody worry about crap like that?

2013-03-04 20.26.56

and was about to pick up the pencil and add something terribly important on the bottom of the shopping list,

2013-03-04 20.27.10

when I came across Critter’s scrawl.

2013-03-04 20.27.07

I don’t remember what the hell I was going to write down.  Don’t really care either.  Turns out I’ve got all I need right here.

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One thought on “~ Shopping List ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Hey! That’s me & mine there on yer fridge! We must rate!! LOL!!

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