~ Busted on Valentine’s Day ~

Every year I put snow globes in my Varmint and Critter’s Valentine’s Baskets.

The same stinkin’ snow globes.

I think I bought them back in 2003 at CVS.  They were on sale after Valentine’s day for around a buck a piece.  (I’ll buy just about anything if it’s a buck.  All I have to do is think, “Meh, it’s a buck.  So what if I don’t need a plastic-handled ninnyhammer, it’s only a buck!”)

Every year I’ve lined the same two heart-shaped, red, plastic baskets with the same tissue paper, the same snow globes, and the same candy hearts. (No, seriously, the SAME candy hearts.  They never get eaten!)  And I’ve done it since they were toddlers.  I just add fresh chocolate, a new valentine card that I made, and maybe a toy or two.  And then I strew all the valentines we’ve exchanged over the years around the table so we can revisit our sweet valentine’s memories.

This year is the first year that the kids noticed the snow globes are the same as last year’s.   Varmint, upon discovering that I’ve been regifting the same snow globes for an entire decade was appalled that I was so cheap.  But hey, she didn’t notice for a decade!  Seriously, could it have meant so much to her?

I tried to point out that the sentiment of Valentine’s day has nothing to do with spending money on new toys, and everything to do with love and affection and loyalty.   I would think that tradition….like getting given the same gift year after year after year….might spark a little sentimentality!

She wasn’t buying it.

I didn’t have the courage to tell her about the candy hearts….

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