~ Brace Yourself ~

So I was at Varmint’s cheerleading practice on the lawn of Poolesville High School this evening, when Coach Bupp asked me if I could help them for a moment.


Every glorious, arthritic, flatulent pound of me.

Managing not to laugh out loud, I said, “Sure.”

They wanted me to stand in front of some of the cheerleaders as the practiced their stunts.  The stunt where the smallest girl stands on the not-as-small-but-still-pretty-puny-to-my-way-of-thinking girls, and does a bunch of organized flailing before falling into another cheerleader’s arms.

They wanted me there in case the girl on top fell forward accidentally.  Apparently my job was to break her fall.

So I’m going to add that to my resume now.

“Human Cushion”

I suppose I’ve been called worse.

The things I do for my kids……..

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