~ Park It, Lady ~

I was so tired tonight.  I had just finished a late-night grocery shopping trip, and then went to fill my gas tank up at the station across the street.

But because God has a sense of humor, he made sure that all the pumps on the side of my car’s gas tank were taken.  Like I said, I was tired.  So instead of waiting for one to open, I pulled forward and began to back up to an open pump.

On my first attempt, the Equinox’s back-up camera began loudly beeping “AH! No!  Danger! Danger!” so I stopped. Berated myself.  Pulled Forward.  Tried again.  I got the warning beeping again.

This quick gas stop was turning into effort, damn it.

Of course, by now other pumps on my side were open, but by golly I was on a mission and I was not going to drive to some other pump.  I was not giving up.

Angling my car again, this time with the precision of a German Auto Industry Robot, I slowly…ever…so….slowly…crept back to the perfect spot.  I had aligned my gas tank exactly across from the pump handle.  The curb was exactly 12 inches away from the pump.  I had finally arrived.

And the angels sang!

….But I couldn’t get out of my car.

There were two other cars, with two male drivers out pumping their gas, who had been watching the whole show.  And I could see them snickering.  They were so holier than thou with their parking superiority.  I felt so ashamed…..How could I show my face?

Well, I couldn’t.  I was so tired, I just waited for them to finish and move on.  I even pretended I was doing something of extreme importance with my purse, all the while watching them through the corner of my eye.

Eventually they left and I was alone at the gas station.  And as I leaned against my car, pumping my own tank full of liquid gold, another car pulled up.  It was a young lady who pulled in a little too far from the pump.   She had to stretch the hose and nozzle pretty far and it barely reached her car.

Embarrassed, she looked apologetically at me.  I gave her a reassuring wink and a nod.

We, the spatially challenged, have to stick together, after all.


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3 thoughts on “~ Park It, Lady ~

  1. Jeff H

    parking space cadet

  2. Tammy

    Now see I would have just gotten out and glared at them!

  3. Don

    I thought I taught you how to back a vehicle. Back up til you hit somethin!!!!

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