~ The Little Mouse At 2am ~

Goggy made goulash for dinner last night.  You know, Goulash?  It’s that great American staple of noodles, beef, and tomato sauce.  She adds corn as her own little twist on it.  It’s fun because we can all play ‘First Corn’ afterwards.  Never played ‘First Corn?’   Check out this post to learn how!  ~ First Corn ~

Everyone ate their fill of that goulash, which she had lovingly served alongside her famous Frog’s Eye Salad.  Fear not!  No frogs were blinded in the making of it!  It’s a kind of tapioca and marshmallow and mandarin orange recipe from the ’70’s.  The kind of recipe that makes you crave watching The Price Is Right, and Bonanza.

And she also served fresh peach salad.  THAT was the bomb, I promise you!

As we were clearing the table, Papa said he thought the leftovers would make a good meal tomorrow.  I quipped that it depended on whether or not a little mouse visited the leftovers at 2am this morning!  Everyone laughed.

But darn if I didn’t wake up at 2am precisely, and darn if I didn’t go straight to the leftover goulash.

Now I am sporting a rather uncomfortable bellyache, I can’t sleep, and it’s 4am.

And I’m feeling a little bit guilty.

And bloated.

But at least I’ve got First Corn to look forward to.

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