~ First Corn ~

I shared the Crest Toothpaste in the Oreo Cookie trick.  Now you’re ready to learn another firehouse boredom breaker.

You have to understand, a firefighter’s life is a constantly swinging pendulum between feast and famine.   Either they are running off to rescue or fire calls, or they are training with and maintaining their equipment (equipment failure during a fire = very bad thing), or they are …..  waiting.

The waiting could really get to a person.  They know the bells are coming, they just don’t know when.  So they find ways to deal with the waiting. Pranks and jokes and other reindeer games are their answer.  Its part of the brotherhood, so the Captain says.

First Corn is a favorite game.  It only can be played on nights that they have corn in their dinner.   Sometimes its in the chili, sometimes its on the cob, it might be in a salad.  It doesn’t matter how it gets ingested.  The point of the game is to race to finish digesting it.  The winner is the one on the shift who…..

You know, on second thought, you all may not be ready to see this side of the Fire Department…..

Never mind.  Carry on.

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2 thoughts on “~ First Corn ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak


  2. Carolyn

    Oh my goodness. Did NOT see that coming! AND I’m NOT looking!!! Neither!! hehe

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