~ Not My First Rodeo ~

It was a rainy morning at the beach, and I had two children, two grandparents, and My Captain stuck in the house.  There was no question of “fend for yourselves” in this particular case, unless I wanted to deal with a cacophony of whining.  I also knew, from experience, that any suggestion I made would be met with, “I don’t Waaaannnnnnnaa!”

So I got smart and simply pulled out a puzzle, knowing full well that if I started it, they would all come.

This is what it looked like an hour later:

and this:

and this:

I would draw a couple of things to your attention:

1) The women were not in this picture because they had found other things to amuse themselves with.

2) It is no longer raining outside, but the men have not noticed this.

3) The manly men are working on a 500 piece puzzle picture of sugary gumdrops and candyland.

4) The manly men are working on a taffy striped tablecloth.

5) No one is whining.

6) No one looks up when they hear a picture being taken.  Why?  Because this puzzle is THAT important!

Some challenges are too good to pass up, especially for manly men. I knew damn well what I was doing when I opened up that puzzle box.

Hey, this ain’t my first rodeo.

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2 thoughts on “~ Not My First Rodeo ~

  1. Anonymous

    Sheer genius, Mama Boe!!! I sat and smiled through this entire post!!!! I just wish we’d gotten some of the rain!

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    LOVE it! You go girl!!

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