~ Muddy Waters, Part III ~

So I finished my Hot Dog, and then sat twiddling my thumbs for a bit.  Grandma Jane had come with us, and she was doing a crossword puzzle while she waited.  That was all well and good, but all I had to keep myself entertained with was My Captain’s phone, which he had given me to hold while he braved the 5K obstacle course.

Whenever I get My Captain’s phone (and it’s rare because he doesn’t trust me with it for some reason, which frankly is unchivalrous and also a sad comment on our marriage)  I like to screw with his settings.  Usually I just change his ring tones.  Once I made his ring tone the sound of a woman climaxing.  That’s when he stopped sharing the combination to unlock his phone with me.

But for some reason he hadn’t changed it since I last knew it…and so there I was with an hour on my hands and nothing to do but screw with my beloved’s phone.  I can’t tell you what I did with it because I want him to find out on his own.

I like to keep him on his toes in this relationship.  Don’t want him to get too comfortable.

ANYWAYS….after about an hour passed by, two hot dogs, two cups of coffee, a blue gatorade and a potty break, I wandered over to the finish line with the camera.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The end of the course was a rope climb and a final mud pit.  I really enjoyed watching the wild abandon it unleashed in people:

I couldn’t see my Varmint and My Captain!  I waited and waited and waited…and then…

YEY!  There they are!  With My Varmint in the lead, no less!

Into the mudpit they went.  Well, into the mud pit My Captain went.  My Varmint was working smarter, not harder.

The wuss.

You can barely make them out, but there are many bungee ropes you are supposed to wiggle under.  My Varmint cheated and pulled them up or climbed over them.  All the spectators were chanting for her to dive in.

And as you can see, she mostly did!  Would you look at My Captain?!  Good LORD.  My washing machine weeps at the sight of this.

But they did it.  They completed a 5K that was challenging in the best of conditions, and these were NOT the best of conditions!

They had fun.

They got great exercise.

They spent time in the great outdoors.

They bonded.

They may have picked up some horrible dermatological fungus.

But that will be for another post altogether.


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