~ Adventure Park, Or As I Like To Call It, Hell ~

A couple of weekends ago, it was raining.   I felt bad for my munchkins, who really wanted to go out and about. So I dragged the whole fam damily out to the Adventure Park Arcade and Indoor Rope Course to expend some energy.  I thought it would be fun! I thought it would be adventerous!  I thought it would be great exercise!

Clearly, I’m slow-witted and delusional.

Why?  Well, for one thing, I hate heights.

And my kids were not going to get up on the ropes unless I proved they were safe by placing my own monstrous girth and weight upon them as a stress test.

I hate heights, if I was not clear about that earlier.

But I got up there, and by golly so did they.

Except for My Captain, who stayed below in case he needed to put humpty dumpty back together again.  And to take pictures.


Varmint is so brave.

Critter is fearless.

And fast.  Critter is fast and fearless.

They all were.


Except for Mama, who had a deathgrip on every solid piece of metal she could find…even though she was triple-tethered and double-harnessed and clinging desperately to any and every staff member she could find.

I hate heights.

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One thought on “~ Adventure Park, Or As I Like To Call It, Hell ~

  1. so do I — my worst day was facing those fears — on a ferris wheel. But I love flying, explain that one

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