~ Varmint and The Frederick Runfest ~

Varmint and her friend, Amber, decided to run in the Frederick 5K last weekend.  Evidentely, she’s been bitten by the running bug.

It all started when I asked her if she would accompany me on a St. Patrick’s Day 5K put on by our town’s Biggest Loser Gail Lee.  Varmint came along to make sure I didn’t call a taxicab halfway through.

I barely got through the 5K, but she got hooked.

She ran another 5K with My Captain (The Run Amuck).

And then last weekend she ran another 5K with sweet Amber (The Frederick Runfest).

Amber and Varmint have known each other since 2nd grade.  They have been in many sports together …most currently they are on the same softball team.  Varmint is a pitcher, and Amber is a catcher.  Both of them are naturally athletic, and so it is only fitting that they do these things in tandem.

Varmint shared with me that Amber’s mom is doing a half-marathon this spring.  Then she looked expectantly at me.

“What??” I said.

She blinked innocently and gazed imploringly.

“What??…..Oh…. HELL no.”

I’m lucky to make it to the table for dinner with these knees.  There is no way on God’s green earth I’m going to do a half-marathon.  Or a quarter marathon.  Or an eighth marathon.

A seamstress, a gardener, a cook, a medic, and a mother I may be, a runner I most emphatically am not.   (And let’s be honest, I only did (read: walked) The St. Patty’s day 5K because I was hoping there was green beer at the end of it.)


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3 thoughts on “~ Varmint and The Frederick Runfest ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Cute pics! Go Varmint Go!

  2. lirtb

    It’s bad for the knees. I have two knee replacements and was told even with “new” knees, not to be jogging or running (not that I was tempted!). Take care of the knees–it’s no fun having them replaced, but worth it–no pain in those knees now. I read your post about the ortho doctor. Dr. Ackerman in Rockville is terrific also.

  3. joanne lease

    Deanie I think she is on to something .You just may surprise yourself

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