~ Muddy Waters, Part II ~

My Varmint and My Captain were nicely warmed up and stretched out for their 5K race/obstacle course called Run Amuck today.  It was time to get into the starting line (read: Mob).

There were a LOT of runners.  That means a lot of feet in the mud.  Ever seen a muddy path after thousands of feet went through it?  I was starting to wonder if my crew should have duct taped their shoes to their feet like so many other runners had.

It was ridiculous how many people there were.  They had several heats for the race…and all of these numbskulls were looking forward to the dirt and the rope climbing and the tiger pits.  It was remarkable.  But I have to admit, for a moment or two I seriously wondered about my fellow Americans.

The starting horn sounded and they were off.  My Captain is below the second T in the Start sign, in the scaffolding.  My camera sucks.

The very start of the race went up a steep embankment.  My crew was still smiling at this part….but more importantly, look at their hands.  They were helping each other from the start.

When Varmint suggested this race, she had no idea the bonding she would be supporting.  And if you don’t think I got a little teary-eyed when I saw this, you’re crazy.

It made me wish for a moment that I had signed up to do it too.  Then I remembered that I am averse to pain, and thought the better of it.  So I watched my beloveds run out of sight, and promptly found a hot dog vendor.  Watching a race can be so draining.

More to come!


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