~ Muddy Waters ~

Today was the day!  My Captain and Varmint ran the 2012 Run Amuck Obstacle Course 5K!  It was fantastic.

The weather, not so much.

To keep her warm when she got wet, I put Varmint in my polypropylene shirt from kayaking, circa 1994. I couldn’t believe the shirt was still so effective.  Then again, it’s probably made of the same thing Twinkies are, so there you have it.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story for the most part, but I have to interject.

I can’t help myself.

It started off chilly.  The contestants were layered.  Mama Boe looked like an Eskimo, and no pictures of her survived editing.

My baby girl was a little bit anxious before the race.  When she wasn’t looking, I could see the stress on her face.

But she went through with it, and I love her so much for that.

Before the starting horn, they got down to their polypropylene and Under Armour.  They were so psyched!

The race was advertised as 5 Kilometers of rope / wall/ climbing courses, hills, swimming through lakes, crawling through drainage pipes, spider web of bungee cords, hanging tire course, balance beams,  and Bengal tiger pits.

But I’m a little skeptical about the tiger pits.  I mean, come on, tiger pits are so passe.  But I wasn’t worried for my crew because they were surrounded by crack athletes at the top of their game.  I knew they would be in good hands:

Or not.

So the pre-race stretching began:

And the pre-race shoelace tying began.  Many people wrapped their shoes in Duct Tape so the mud on the course wouldn’t suck their shoes off.  My Captain merely tied the shoes TIGHTLY and it worked as well.

But it wasn’t as cool, I have to say.

How did this picture get in here?  Oh yeah, I wanted to point out the light blue duct tape on that runner’s shoes.

Sure, that’s it.

More on the race to come!



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One thought on “~ Muddy Waters ~

  1. Anonymous

    Tell your Captain..he as a NICE ASS! 😉

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