~ Work Smarter, Not Harder ~

My Captain is the quintessential pragmatist.  He is the king of efficiency.  He is always trying to find an easier way to get more accomplished.  He’s the guy that annoys the slackers in a group with his gun-ho-get-it-done personality.

Slackers hate guys like that.  It highlights the half-assed attitudes endemic to slackers.

If there is something that is done a certain way, and the reason it is still done that way is simply, “Because We’ve Always Done It That Way,” that isn’t good enough for My Captain.

If something works well-enough, but it could be better, he has to fix it.

If someone says, “Aw, it’s not my job,” it sends him into a frenzy.  He hates seeing a job poorly done.  And after he bickers with the person who does it poorly, he’ll more than likely just do it himself.

And he’ll do it in the most economical, efficient way possible.

He’s my super organized, incredibly logical, effectual-as-hell perfectionist.  I love that about him.

So when I see him coaching Varmint’s softball team’s pitchers, and practicing on their form with them, and I see him like this:

I know it’s not because he’s lazy.  No sirree.  Not MY Captain.

He’s just working Smarter, Not Harder.

That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it.

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