An Oldie but Goodie!

Mama Boe

We were sitting at dinner earlier this week, Troy, Grandma Jane, Daughter Gwendolyn, Son Garrick, and I, listening to Garrick regale us with a story that happened at school in Mrs. Brown’s third grade classroom.  He finished the story with the sentence, “Well, at least it wasn’t puke!”.  (Mind you, this is when we are all eating chicken Pot pie and vegetables in a creamy, puke like sauce.  Normally my homemade pot pies’ gravy looks creamy white, but I had run out of white wine for my sauce and so used red.  This resulted in a pinkish gravy for the chicken and vegetable lumps to lay in.  It did, indeed, resemble puke.  Thank the lord for camouflaging Pie Crust.)

ANYWAY…”Well, at least it wasn’t puke!” was the attention getter for all of us.  There was a moment or two of silence, and then we all burst out laughing.  Yes, I know…

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