~ The Drunken Duck ~

I told you about my favorite cookie jar from Montana in  ~ Cute Cookies ~.  Love that thing.  That same trip and same gift shop in Apgar Village on the southernmost tip of Lake McDonald, was where I found my Drunken Duck.  I love him too, but not as much as I love my cookie jar.  Most probably because the duck doesn’t hold the promise of chocolate chip cookies.

I’m simple that way.

He holds bottled beverages of your choice.  Wine. Beer. Ketchup.  Whatever you might like him to hold for you.  He’s a very helpful sort of duck.  But there is one little quirk about him.

He drinks whatever you ask him to hold.

I remember having several friends like that in college.  Or now.  (Why am I thinking of both of my friends Cupcake and Dutch?)  Talk about Fowl play.  I mean if you can’t trust a friend with your drink, who can you trust?

(Answer: “Depends on the drink.”)

We don’t put the Drunken Duck to work very often because the poor critter suffered a broken webbed toe whilst holding a bottle of cheap wine.

But he still has enough cute-ness to rate hanging around.

I mean, come on.  You can’t ignore his silliness.

And you should know from my earlier post about Duck Butts how enamored I am with Duck Tuckuses.  (Tuckuses?  Go with it, she’s on a roll.)

Oh, and if you are wondering about the bottle in his beak currently….

Of course, a Dogfish Brew.

Got a little bit of Black Chai Tea and other weird flavors to it.  All I know is it makes My Captain happy.

And that, really is what I want more than almost anything.

A close second, of course, being Dogfish Head Restaurant’s Cajun Egg Rolls.

Which need to be bronzed, in my estimation.

What was I talking about?

Right.  The duck.

You are probably thinking about now that I have a fetish for Ducks.  And Moose.  I would tweak that and say that what I really like to do is surround myself with things that cause smiles.  Things that bring an involuntary happy wave to your mind.

I figure there are plenty of things in the world outside to cause the opposite.  I want my family to relax when they get home.  And feel content.

And chuckle at silly things.

And put life in perspective.

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