~ Nothing But Net ~

My captain often surprises me.  So often, in fact, that you would think I would catch on and cease to be, er, surprised.  But no, I’m blissfully ignorant like that.  It makes life so much simpler that way.

Critter and Varmint and a couple of their friends were getting together for a ‘pick up’ basketball game at the local Catholic Church, St. Mary’s.  We often go there to play because it’s 1.) Free, 2.) close to most of our friend’s houses, 3.) always available, and 4) so squeaky clean and wholesome I feel like I’m back in the 1950s.   The basket never has a net on it, but that never stopped us.  We have good imaginations and sometimes can even imitate a “whoosh” sound if we feel the need.

We love going there.  I’ll sit and watch and they actively play.  I figure I’m getting exercise by proxy.

St. Mary’s basketball hoop is at the end of their parking lot, adjacent to their playground.  It’s got a beautiful view of Sugarloaf Mountain behind it.  You couldn’t ask for a better place for the kid’s to grow up.

So the kids and I were on our way to the church to play. My Captain did not come with us, as he sometimes does, because he said he had something to do.  He’s a busy busy busy (as in, really busy) man.  I understood.

We stopped to pick up friends and were pulling into the church parking lot to find, horror of horrors, someone was parked right underneath our basket!!  No one is ever parked there!  ARGH!!  But as we got closer, we saw it was, in fact, OUR van.  Our other car.  And then we noticed a ladder under the basket with none other than My Captain attaching a net he’d privately purchased for the kids and the church.

Mind you:  He is not Catholic, this isn’t our church, he rarely plays basketball himself, and most of the kids who play there are not ours.

But, as always, he saw a need and he filled it.  And, as usual, he did it quietly, without fanfare or bragging.  In fact, had we not caught him in the act, we would not have known he did it.  We would have thought the church had.

That’s My Captain.

Me, being me, called the Church Secretary and told her I expected us to get into the upcoming St. Patrick’s day church dinner at a substantial discount.

She told me I can have all the cabbage I want.


They say opposites attract. Does that mean that since he’s so kind, generous, and altruistic, that I am mean, miserly, and selfish?


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