~ Walk All Over Me, Please. ~

I have a fetish.

I’ve had it for years, and its slowly gotten worse. I know I probably need some kind of group therapy for it, but I am a horrible listener (which explains this blog,) and I imagine that rolling my eyes during a group therapy session would go over like a turd in a punchbowl.

And I’ve been known to roll my eyes. Its a bad habit I’ve learned from the masters ~ Gwen, Garrick, and sadly, Troy.

But when it comes right down to it, I really don’t WANT to change, so group therapy or any 12-step program would be wasted on me. (Its kind of like the idea of dieting is wasted on me. I really don’t want to. Counting points, counting carbs, counting calories….WHATEVER. I would rather count the minutes until my next meal.)

Ok, here it is, my big confession. Please don’t judge me.


Yes, I said it. Door Mats.

Have you ANY IDEA how difficult it is to be a closet Door Mat Adorer? It’s nearly impossible! Door Mats are right out front, not in some stinkin closet!

“Why?” you ask? “Why, Pam? Why Door Mats? Why not Salt and Pepper shakers, or Tea Cups, or Historic Coins or Irish Spoons? Who in the world collects Door Mats?”

Talk about an opportunity to control a first impression! Door Mats ARE the quintessential first impression! I love to change them to fit my various Moods. I have some to reflect the season or Holiday. (WIPE YOUR FEET! This includes you, Santa!). I have some to reflect my philosophies. (Enjoy Life!) But my favorite is ridiculously simple, and leaves everyone who passes over it smiling. It reads simply,

“Hi, I’m Mat.”

It’s so silly, and it speaks to everyone.

That’s what people relate to, really. We humans love Silly. And not just any silly…we love Simple Silly. Arrogance tunes people out. Simple Silly endears. Like a Golden Retriever. Not the brightest bulb in the box of dog choices, but argueably one of the most loveable.

I wish I had more doorways so I could get more doormats. Is that wrong? Do I need an intervention?

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9 thoughts on “~ Walk All Over Me, Please. ~

  1. Susie

    My favorite doormat was a homemade one I picked up at a craft fair. Jerry always put it out when my parents were visiting. It said “Wrong House, Go Away!”

  2. Troy

    We have PLENTY of door mats, Dear. No need for more doors or mats. I hesitate to remind you that we will have a new door once we finish the basement.

  3. Annette Folgueras

    What a great blog! I enjoyed meeting you today!! Annette

  4. Elizabeth Adamczak

    I love door mats too! I’ve only recently started collecting tho. I am currently looking for the perfect snowman door mat. Seen any? After the Christmas stuff gets put away, my snowman collection comes out. Problem is, I don’t have a snowman door mat! =( The ones I’ve seen have a Christmas slant & I just want a snowman (maybe with a moose friend)…!!

    Keep up the awesome good work on the blogg! Love it! =)

  5. Maggie

    Always remember its ok to love door mats just don’t be one. Great Blog mamaboe. You rock!!!

  6. Cheryl Booth

    You and I would be great in group therapy together…rolling eyes, snorting at others comments – and all the time eating warm Krispie Kreme donuts! Yum!! :0)

  7. my favorite of my mats says “Welcome” facing one way and “Good-bye” the other, I like to flip it around so it says good bye as you walk towards the house and Hello when you walk out! I do sometimes wonder why the “Hello” side is more worn out then the “Good-bye” side…..

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