~ Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble ~

It all started innocently enough.

“Yes, love?”
“Can I use your bathtub for my bath and put the jets on?”
(Chuckling) “Sure. Just remember I want you to be IN BED by 8:00pm, and try not to get so much water on the floor, ok?”
“Thanks!” (I hear water running.)

A full hour passes. I hear giggling. I hear laughing. I hear a concerning amount of splashing.

“Hey Mom! You gotta see this!”
“Wait a minute honey. I’m just checking my blog to see if anyone is at all interested in my blatherings.”
“But Mom! You’ve got to come NOW! Its important!”

(Hmmm. THAT can’t be good.)

And this is what I walked into:

Actually, it was much higher than this.

Now, SOME people might get angry. There was, after all, a considerable amount of water and bubbles on the floor. There was hardly any of my Pomegranite-Incredibly-Expensive-Guaranteed-to-Make-You-Look-and-Smell-Better-Than-You-Do-Naturally Soap left. The cat was wet. Not entirely, but enough to show he’d narrowly missed a bath himself. And, it was past 8:00…the IN BED deadline.

But to those people, I say…. STOP. Look at this picture again:

Do you remember at all what it felt like to be 8? I sure as hell don’t.

And I sure as hell wish I could.

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3 thoughts on “~ Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble ~

  1. Lisa Fedders

    Sometimes we have to look past the water on the floor, the cat wet, using all your expensive bubbles and remember that smile on his face is worth it all!!! This is a priceless picture!

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Love it! Melissa once decided to play in a huge box of packing peanuts. I mean it was SO big & she was small enough that she could swim laps in there!! Harmless enough, right? Well, it was December. We have electric heat. Get it yet? The peanuts & their tiny lil’ pieces permanently affixed themselves to my child & to every inch of floor & every piece of furniture w/in a 10 foot radius! It was MONTHS before we got them all cleaned up! I STILL occasionally find a stray packing peanut. MAYBE it’s a new one, but I have my doubts!!!

  3. Cheryl Booth

    I have pics of my kids doing the same thing…Daddy gets a little bothered…but what fun! We haven’t done that in a while…perhaps that is in order for today! :0)

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