~ I’m Not Made of Money! ~

Today has been one of the most wonderful days! This blog went live, and the response was over the top more than I ever imagined it might be. To say I am elated is an understatement.

I am NOT going to admit to you that as I watched the number of visitors to my site climb well over 300 throughout the day, I kept dancing around and clapping. I’m NOT going to tell you I broke into tears reading some of the emails of encouragement. I won’t admit to any of those things, because I’m reserved like that.

BUT, I will tell you that I feel like Sally Fields when receiving a People’s Choice Award: “You like me! You really do like me!”

Naturally, my children wanted to know what their weirdo mother was up to this time. They like to be prepared and braced for any backlash that might happen at school…not that that would happen…again.

I was trying to explain to the kids what a blog is. The first questions they raised were basically “Yeah, but what’s in it for us?”. That’s normal, I guess. I told them (rather sarcastically) that if Mamaboe.com went viral, it could result in advertisers looking to partner with me. It could result in a book deal. It could result in all kinds of positive monetary flow! IT COULD RESULT IN A TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD!

Of course, Disney is what really spoke to them. I’ve always wanted to take them, but whenever we managed to save the money for it, something else has come up. My 9 and 10 year olds have never been to Disney! (I keep expecting Children’s Protective Services to call.)

Gwen immediately began brainstorming about how she could help the effort of growing Mamaboe.com. “I’ll make Flyers and hand them out at school!” She’s always been my go-getter, ultra-responsible, generous-hearted peanut.

Garrick’s mind works a little differently:
“Mom?” he asked, “Will you be a millionaire?”
“You never know!” I laughed.
“YES!” he shrieked! “That means you will finally stop saying that annoying ‘I’m not made of money!’ that you always say!

Well. If that isn’t motivation for me to work hard at making this blog a success, I don’t know what is.

(She claps her hands together and rubs them vigorously.)

I’d better get to work!

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6 thoughts on “~ I’m Not Made of Money! ~

  1. Victoria "mizamigo"

    I’m really enjoying your postings, Pam. They bring back the old memories of when my children were little and all the everyday struggles. You have a talent for sure!!! Keep on writing.

  2. Don Currutt

    PAM??? Reserved???? Since when????

  3. susan

    Just looked at this to show a friend, you are up to 609 hits! Wow!

  4. Beth

    Just remember us little people…

  5. Baby34Me

    Awesome Pam! I’m going to have to read this everyday! Get to work girl! My children also 9 and 10 and also so abused that they have never been to disney either! HAHAH We live in the “real” world – where money doesn’t grow on trees! HAHA :0) Can’t wait to see you a millionaire!! :0) Love from your Seneca Creek Family! :0)

  6. Cheryl Booth

    Obviously I don’t understand blogs…that’s ME above…wasn’t trying to hide my identity! :0)

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