~ Eight Minutes ~

Today was a new personal best.


Critter, who loves to run up and over Sugarloaf Mountain from the East side overlook,


through rocky and treacherous trail,


to the West side overlook, beat all of his previous records.


Understand, it takes me about 30 to 40 minutes to walk this trail.   30 to 40 minutes, on a prosthetic knee, carrying way too much extra weight (I call it ‘Emergency Flesh’), with only my Synthroid and a smile to keep me moving.  (They don’t call me “Sea Slug” Boe, for nothing.)

Actually, they don’t call me “Sea Slug” Boe at all, but let’s not quibble over details.

Critter ran the mountain top today in just over 8 minutes.

8 freaking minutes.


But wait.  There’s more.

He did it…..get this….in CROCS shoes.  He always runs the mountain in his crocs.  (The “Flash” socks are optional).


That is an impressive time for those 12-year-old legs to accomplish that distance and elevation change.

I want VERY MUCH for him to join the cross country club at his middle school next fall…begged him to consider it…his response?

“It’d be too much work, Mom.”

The kid runs OVER a stinkin’ mountain top in crocs, and he’s afraid running around the grassy parts of a baseball field after school will be ‘too much work’.

I think there must be more to that.  Maybe he’s afraid they’ll make him wear sneakers or something.

All I know is that whenever I see him come barreling down that mountain at the speed of light, I can’t believe we’re even related.


‘Sea Slug’ Boe

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