~ The Family Who Gets Infected Together, Stays Together ~

I’ve already told you guys how bad My Captain is about staying down and resting when he’s sick.  And yes, even though he’s fighting Lyme’s Disease, he went to work his 24 hour shift yesterday…in fact, participated in a full day of extrication training with the Technical Rescue Team.  In the sun.   NOTE TO MY CAPTAIN:  Doxycycline and full sun most emphatically do NOT go together.  ADDITIONAL NOTE TO MY CAPTAIN: The aloe burn cream is in the hallway closet, wedged between the hemorrhoid cream and the bug spray.

I’m not entirely sure, and I’m no doctor, but I’m relatively certain that people who’s immune systems are fighting a nasty bacterial infection like Lyme’s probably won’t have the proper strength to work on collapse rescue situations involving winches,


and pulleys,


and come-alongs.


They probably ought not be working on shoring up several ton vehicles with air bags.


They may not want to do things involving taut wires and ropes that could snap and kill you in skinny minute, or metal struts that could fail.


Or maybe not be playing with precariously balanced wooden shoring.


But I’m no doctor. What the heck do I know?

Not much.  I can honestly say I don’t know squat about all of those things.  But one thing I DO know about is the fact that I came perilously close to joining my captain on the ‘Benched’ list today.  I woke up and found a wee little bug on my arm…


in the same exact place my captain’s tick bite/bulls-eye rash appeared!


Can you believe it?!  I went to pull the little sucker out, and he just fell out on his own. (This picture is SERIOUSLY magnified! Deer ticks are tiny!)

2015-07-15 23.41.14NOT good…it means he was completely engorged with my valuable blood, and that he’d been there long enough to transmit any disease he might be carrying.

2015-07-15 23.41.16

I was at the doctor’s faster than you could say, “Hypochondriac,” and was administered my own prescription of Doxycycline, thank you very much.

So now I have to stay out of the sun for a while, too!  I tell you, the family who gets infected together, stays together!

And if you know me at all, you know that I think that My Captain and I having tick bites in the same exact place is yet another romantic sign that we were meant to be together.

That, and we probably ought to stop hanging out together in the deer-tick-infested tall grass…..

Don’t judge.

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