~ Holy Plaque-Encrusted Artery, Batman! ~

I am the luckiest woman alive.

When I bought The Little Cottage on Peach Tree Road, I had the great fortune to buy it from a couple who’s niece was a talented and fun-loving chef.

Her name is Elise.


She lives just around the corner from me, if country roads had corners, and we weren’t counting distance.

Elise Wendland.  Chef Elise Wendland.  Executive Chef Elise Wendland.

She’s won awards, she’s been invited to special cook-offs by politicians and other folks way more important than I will ever be.  And she stays real.  Kind.  Humble.  She’s the kind of Chef you would want to sit and talk food with for hours, literally.  She’s not an a**hole chef like so many you see.  She’s really an artist with edibles.

And I’ve seen some amazing things come out of her kitchen at The Comus Inn At Sugarloaf Mountain.


Of all the restaurants I’ve ever been to, this one has the best view I’ve ever seen.  It is of our beloved bump we call a mountain.


(This is the same mountain Critter runs on in Crocs.)

But tonight, when she posted her lunch special on Facebook, I went straight from feeling lucky for knowing such a fine person who is so good at what she does, to falling headlong into total admiration. In short, I want to be Elise when I grow up.

“What,” say you, “could possibly have pushed you into such a chef-crush, Mama? You’re no slouch, yourself, in the kitchen!”

(Gosh, that was kind of you to say, thank you!)

Well, I’ll tell you. But first, I’ll show you:


Holy Plaque Encrusted Artery, Batman!  Is that a  Fried Green Tomato, Pimento Cheese and Bacon topped, Hickory Smoked Burger?

Oh Hell yes, it is, my friends.

So the real question now is:  How fast can you get to The Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain?

And tell Elise to drop one of those bad boys at The Little Cottage on her way home, will ya?

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One thought on “~ Holy Plaque-Encrusted Artery, Batman! ~

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my GOD!!!!!!

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