~ It’s Not That Funny ~

Once again my brother Graham, and his family, sent us a gift certificate for dinner at The Comus Inn, as a Christmas present.  Last night, My Captain, Grandma Jane, and I went and spent every stinkin’ dime of it.

And we’re not a bit sorry.

I’m not here to tell you about the beautiful ambiance.

2014-02-15 19.01.29

I’m not going to tell you about the amazing menu,

or the fantastic hushpuppies (we didn’t take the picture fast enough…My Captain had already eaten half of them!),

2014-02-15 19.13.59

or the yummy salmon,

2014-02-15 19.33.01

or the crazy delicious chicken with goat cheese and prosciutto,

or even the home-made Grand Marnier Chocolate Truffles.

No, wait, I might pause a moment over them-thar truffles.  HOLY CRAP.  That’s all I can say about those.  Holy. (pause for effect) Crap.

I want to talk about how old my family is getting.  Look at these old farts who need reading glasses to read a stinkin’ menu!  How hilarious is it that these two can’t see a bloomin’ thing anymore?!  How funny is that!  Hahahahahah!

2014-02-15 19.04.10


2014-02-15 19.03.31

It’s not that funny.

I’ll have you know I have to put my computer screen at 125% when I’m writing my posts, just so I can read the ding-dang words.  I used to have perfect vision!  I used to have Eagle Eyes!  I used to be a contender!

This can’t be happening to me!

Ever In Denial,

Your Old Fart, Mama B.

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One thought on “~ It’s Not That Funny ~

  1. Liz

    Yup – me too. I’ve got about 11 pairs o’ readers spread all OVER the house (& can never find a pair when I need ’em – can’t SEE ’em, see…) I even had laser surgery, but they WARNED me it wouldn’t help with the whole “getting old part”. Gee thanks… & my hubby bought us all these beautiful little computer tablets for Christmas so we wouldn’t be tied to our desks when computing… Well, guess what? They are TOO DANG SMALL! I can’t read anything on ’em! Sure, you can make the print bigger, but then you’ve got that whole partial screen thing going on, which I hate on my phone! Sure don’t want to deal with that on my home computer! Alas, my beautiful, near-sighted daughter is the ONLY one of the 3 of us who can use her new toy… =(

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