~ Valentine Boobie Prize ~

My Captain is STILL at work.  He left for work Wednesday night, and it is now Friday night, and he doesn’t get off until tomorrow morning.  That is a long shift.  Especially when you are a Fire Captain and Paramedic during a State Snow Emergency.

Since he left Wednesday, he’s been called to plenty of emergencies, including some real doozies, like 1 amputation, 1 code (when someone’s heart stops), and 2 (count them, TWO) car crashes that involved vehicles that were rolled over….one of which had 8 children in an SUV!  It’s been a rawwwthar hectic 55 hour shift for him.   Here it is 10pm, and he just had to get off the phone with me because he got the tones for yet another call.

It kills me when I read in the news, or on Facebook, that some people think firefighters and paramedics get paid too much.  I often wonder if these people have ANY idea what these guys and gals DO in any given shift.  Makes me shake my head.

But let’s get back to the point, which is me, as always.  Since My Captain is on his long shift and won’t be home until tomorrow morning, and this is Valentine’s Day, I asked Grandma Jane if she would like to be my Valentine, and join me for dinner.

She consented because her beloved, Mike, is in a totally different state right now.  So I am her Boobie Prize.  I don’t mind.  I’ve been called worse.

We went to dinner, my Valentine and I.  I have to tell you, I was looking forward to just the two of us, me and my mom, talking, eating, and loving each other, as close mother and daughter pairs do.

But this is what I got:


Seriously?  My own MOTHER ignores me during dinner because she’s busy on her smart phone?  Texting her beloved.  Throughout dinner.  Seriously?


As the designated Boobie Prize, I guess I’ll take what I can get.  Sign of the times, I suppose.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

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One thought on “~ Valentine Boobie Prize ~

  1. Tsk, tsk, Mom! 🙂 I can’t believe some people actually think firemen and policemen make too much!!! That’s crazy! Maybe it’s a difference in location (I’m in Louisiana), but our poor guys don’t get paid nearly enough!

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