~ Ice? What Ice? ~

Like half the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard, we lost power today after the ice/snow storm.  I think the storm was called Nikka or something equally exotic sounding. Why do they DO that?  Why do they insist on the exotic names?  Are they trying to rub it in by making us think about warm Grecian Isles?

They say we are not expected to have power for many days, and for some people, this has caused heartache and hardship, but, thus far, we have weathered this storm pretty easily.

Actually, it’s been awesome.  Why?  I’ll try to sum it up:

1) Snow Day.   The kids were ecstatic.  So were we.  Their excitement is contagious.

2) Cuddle day.  Who doesn’t love to cuddle during storms?

3) No RUSH day.  No one was going anywhere.  There was nothing to do but sit tight and make the best of the hand we’d been dealt.

4) Get Creative Day.  Coffee maker isn’t working?  FIND. A. WAY.  Candles WILL boil water eventually…..  We actually had fun thinking of alternative ways to do things.

5) Romantic Dinners are expected.  No lights?  Et Voila, you have romance.

2014-02-05 21.05.03

In all honesty, though, and you’ll snicker at this, we HAVE a generator, and we did use it when we got too cold, or when we needed to flush the toilet!  But the thrill of being off the grid for a while was something we all enjoyed.  Plus, My Captain is such a Boy Scout, he was in his element.  I half expected him to crap in the woods in the back yard, just to make the point that he could.

What is that old saying?  Why curse the darkness, when you could light a candle?

My kids did not learn today that losing power is a crisis.  They learned it is an adventure, to be savored.  That is how we chose to look at it, and those are the glasses with which they will see every future power outage in their lives.

Now pardon me, I have to go light a few candles in the bedroom……

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One thought on “~ Ice? What Ice? ~

  1. Bpittman

    All a matter of attitude. Brava for building resiliency in your life.

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