~ The Ravages Of Time ~

I had a reader ask me if my profile picture is accurate.


The truth is, YES…..it WAS accurate.

But that was before raising two  life-force sucking entities  beautiful children,

going back to school, earning the paramedic certification, but then ultimately giving the whole EMS thing up,

because of  having not one, but two stress-related heart surgeries,

one cancer-related Thyroidectomy,

four knee surgeries,

a hysterectomy and bladder surgery,

and a partridge in a pear tree.

So now, I actually look like this:

Marty-FeldmanI’m kidding, of course.  I really look like this:



Okay, okay.  What I really meant is that I FEEL like Marty Feldman and Phyllis Diller.   The truth of the matter is that, late at night, when I’m writing, I usually look like I do tonight:

2013-11-07 22.57.25

Yep.  You guessed it.  I’m just a couple of cats away from being a “Crazy Cat Lady.”

But I DO have a Marty Feldman lazy eye……

And if it works for My Captain, it’s good enough for me!

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One thought on “~ The Ravages Of Time ~

  1. Liz

    MARTY!!!! You KNOW I love him!!! (& you tooo!)

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