~ ‘Maters All Day Long ~

I was thinking about Chef Chris Smallwood’s Fried Green Tomatoes ALL DAY LONG today.

2013-11-07 19.24.00

I thought about his crispy cornmeal crust while I was at the post office.

2013-11-07 19.24.44

I thought about the juicy tomato inside that crispy crust, while I was in the checkout line at CVS.

2013-11-07 19.25.02

I daydreamed about the buttermilk in the ranch dressing when I waited for Varmint in the carpool queue at school.

2013-11-07 19.25.48

I fantasized about the huge chunks of pork (he buys from the Mt. Airy Meatlocker and smokes right there on the premises of his restaurant, Alexanders,) that he puts in his ranch.

2013-11-07 19.26.40

I dreamt about My Captain as he would order a us double serving of those ‘maters, in his deep, manly, take-charge (but polite) voice.


I thought dinner time would never come.

2013-11-07 19.26.56

But it finally did.  And all of my lusts….

All of my daydreams….

All of my pining….

Came to fruition.

WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT HUNK OF BACON?  For the love of all that is good and right with this world, would you just feast your eyes on this thing?!  LOOK AT IT!

2013-11-07 19.26.19

You see, the world is a happier place for those who can find joy in the small things…..

….and bacon.

Unless you’re a pig.

But let’s not go there.

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