~ I Need A Bigger Car! ~

I bought my beloved Chevy Equinox with the noble idea that I would save gasoline, but still be able to get around the rugged countryside.

Turns out I don’t save gas, because I get the same mileage as I would a Chevy Suburban!  And, getting around the rugged countryside doesn’t feel like quite the achievement the commercials present, when you see people on ten-speed bicycles moving as easily as you do in your spiffy-hybrid-sports-all-wheel-drive vehicle.

And to be honest, I carry way too much crap around for the size of my little car.  I’ve got softball bats, and basketballs, bottles of Gatorade and extra shoes.  I’ve got blankets and beach towels, and two camp chairs and a dozen canvas shopping bags (that I never remember to take into the store) at all times.

There is no stinking room for groceries AND kids at the same time.

I look at my fellow mommies’ Suburbans with growing envy.  THEY have room for children AND groceries.  I get very petty in my own head about it, as if buying the Equinox was never my idea in the first place.   After a little while, I begin to believe that getting a Suburban would cure all of my woes, satiate all of my desires, and hold all of my groceries.   It becomes clear to me that NOTHING else in this world could be more necessary than a hold-all-of-your-crap-at-once Chevy Suburban.

And then, then I saw this:

2013-10-16 14.24.14


It was like a beam came down from heaven and struck my heart.  THIS is what I need.  THIS would hold all of my day-to-day necessities.  I couldn’t possibly live with something smaller.  I must have one of these.  This is the perfect materialization of who I REALLY am!

Of course, it’s worth more than our entire Little Cottage, and our beat up old vehicles all combined.  So I’ll have to start saving!

Meanwhile, it’s either kids OR groceries in a cherry-red Equinox.  But you remember one thing….you MUST remember this…even though I might be tooting down the road in a little Chevy Equinox, deep down inside I’m driving that gigantic loveliness of storage.  It may look like I’m driving a four-wheeled mommy-mobile, but in my heart of hearts, I have at least 10 wheels (dual axle dualies in the back), and enough room for a sawz-all and the Jaws of Life….


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2 thoughts on “~ I Need A Bigger Car! ~

  1. Anonymous

    That will cost you about $500k give or take, right? A place for everything and everything in its place!

  2. Liz

    But still no place for the kids……?????

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