~ Obnoxiously Sweet ~

The County Road Crew…the parents of our new kitten…came and fixed the broken edge of road in front of the Little Cottage yesterday.

2013-09-30 16.01.59

They used big beautiful rocks to mitigate the erosion that is costing the county many dollars in road repairs.

2013-10-15 13.03.30

They scooped the ditch out, first, and they patched the road when they finished laying the rock.

2013-10-15 14.37.26

“But wait!” I cried.

“Oh crap,” you could see them saying, “here she comes again.”

“Could I add something to the road on the inside, you know like people who would put their initials in concrete sidewalks?  Could I just run and grab a couple of things from my garden to set into the tar?  It would be inside the ditch…no one would see it when they drove by.”

You could see them wondering how to say no.

And then I pulled out the cookies.

And they could not in all good conscience even THINK about saying no.

So I limped and hobbled quickly up to my garden and grabbed a few keepsakes.  Two mosaic glass garden hearts:  one to stand for my sweet Varmint, and one to stand for my feisty Critter.  And I also added a Stone that read, “Laugh.”


Not Classy…

2013-10-15 13.03.17

…but perfect.

Just think, all of this because someone accidentally mowed down our landscaping!  We got a kitten and a custom-personalized street edge out of it.


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