~Sugar-Coated Grim Reaper~

One of the medics on My Captain’s Shift had a birthday recently, and his honey, Jenn had a special cake made for him.  She does this often, because she’s got connections in the baking world, because she likes a good time and because she’s conscientious about important dates like that.  Me, I forget My Captain’s birthday altogether (but it is September 3rd, if any of you want to know).


Fitz and Jenn started a company called GotCPR, LLC.  It’s pretty awesome.  Here’s their facebook link:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/gotcpr/134384397375

Poor Fitz takes a ribbing for being one of the most mature guys on My Captain’s shift.


Not in a mean way.  Believe me, if they pick on you in the fire service, it means they LIKE you.    So ribbing is a good thing.  Some guys get picked on for being young.  Some for being hairy.  Some for being bald.  Some for being chunky.  Some for being skinny.  You can’t win.   For Fitz, they pick on his maturity.

And it appears his sweet Jenn has jumped in on this.

2013-07-30 20.07.35

Look at that cake.  Very clever.  Stethoscope.  Trauma Shears.  EMS blue star on it.  Syringe.    Very apropos for a Medic.   Very well done by the artist in that it is detail oriented.

But if you look closely on the decorative icing on the side….

2013-07-30 20.08.10

The EKG tracing looks a little off.

2013-07-30 20.07.50

Or does it?

Grim reapers.  His cake had a Cardiac tracing with the Grim Reaper.

Hilarious!  They zinged him again.  And it’s a two-fer, since he’s a medic!

Poor Fitz!

Firehouse Ribbing….  It means they love ya!

Hope your birthday was a good one, Fitz!

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