~ Cat’s In The Bag~

What is WITH this cat?  Remember when I told you about Moose, and his fetish with Grandma Jane’s black leather satchel?  Well yesterday I found him in a basket I’d put by the basement stairs, and

2013-07-26 20.38.39

…while yes, it was cute….I mean heck, how many Hallmark Calendars are made with ONLY cats in basket pictures?  A lot, that’s how many.

2013-07-31 09.28.59

….and yes, you just want to stop and scratch his furry, fat little head…

2013-07-31 09.29.09

…it’s begun to go beyond all that.  We’ve entered the world of weirdness.  First it was Grandma’s Satchel.  Then my Baskets.  And now….

2013-08-05 22.15.03

Buried deep beneath the life jackets we wore sailing with Cupcake, is the fat furball.  This cat very nearly ended up in the car en route to Annapolis.  He nearly ended up in a sailboat.  He would NOT have enjoyed that; though the rest of us might have gotten a snicker or two out of it.

Look carefully, you’ll see him.   Ninja stealth kitty.  He was completely camouflaged.

It’s not right.  It’s a little creepy.  I’m starting to check things for cat.

Like this hammock, for instance.


The rest of the world gets cute little kitties.   Me?  I get one with a compromised body fat ratio, and weird fetishes.

It’s about par for the course, I suppose.

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