~ Traditional Easter Family Photograph ~

Every family has their traditions, and if Facebook is any indication, family photographs of beautiful children out amongst the daffodils searching for hidden eggs is a popular one.   And then you’ve got your traditional photograph of the girls in their Easter bonnets, with sweet sunshiney faces.  And you’ve got your young men looking spiffy in their bow-ties and Sunday-best clothes with their hair slicked back.  And one of my personal favorites is when people have matching family-clan type photographs, where everyone wears the same hue of Chartreuse sweatervests.

Regardless of the specific type of traditional photo, they are always super flattering.  They’d have to be because who in the world would consider posting their out-takes on Facebook, I ask you?



We also have a tradition on Easter that contains photographs.  Every year on Easter, we try to take a picture of the kids, and every year Varmint fakes her smile, and Critter photobombs it.

Every. Stinkin. Year.

I won’t bore you with photographs of years’ past.  But I will share this year’s Easter Brunch photo:

2013-03-31 14.12.53

You realize in 20 years we’ll still be taking this kind of picture, right?

I’ve come to terms with it.

Pass me the jelly beans, please.

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One thought on “~ Traditional Easter Family Photograph ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    We didn’t even bother this year……

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