~ Mood Enhancer ~

Today is cloudy, gray, cold and just plain bleccchhh.  We’re waiting for Winter Storm Virgil to come be a pain in the petootie.  And as this is the beginning of our Spring Break, Critter and Varmint are less than pleased about it.

I confess I, too, have been a little glum.  It’s hard to be an optimist in the face of all this grumpy, stormy, moroseness.

But just a moment ago, I came across this picture:


And the sun came out.

Not literally, of course, but it did make me grin and chuckle.

Isn’t it crazy how a silly moment at the beach can brighten a day months into the future?

Makes you wonder what today’s moments might do months from now.  I have a suspicion that it works both ways….happy moments can bring future happiness, and dark moments can bring future darkness.

I’d better get my happy game on!

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One thought on “~ Mood Enhancer ~

  1. Mike DeMarco

    The winter months always make me feel sluggish, thankfully, Spring is here. However, something that I’ve found to help my overall mood was a greater intake of vitamin B12 in the morning, it gave me the boost I needed. I started with the GNC B-Complex capsules, but then a friend of mine turned me on to this new supplement called Euphorix. It has everything the GNC capsules have, but with the added benefit of other vitamins and minerals. Getting up and enjoying the day is definitely not an obstacle anymore.

    Keep your head up! 🙂

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