~ A Matter Of Grave Importance ~

We stopped at McDonald’s for a healthful Shamrock Shake, and My Captain brought his Kindle Fire so Critter could show him what the big deal is about MineCraft.

Not really that interested in the game, I sat across from them and watched the male mind work.  Oh, and I took pictures to tease them with later:

2013-03-01 08.11.11The set up. (Explaining game rules).

2013-03-01 08.11.48

Task Force Staging (Designing his fort).

2013-03-01 08.12.55Conflict Strategization.  (Building forts with defense from zombies in mind.)

2013-03-01 08.13.04Crisis Management. (Zombie Attacks.)

2013-03-01 08.13.14Disappointment Mitigation. (The zombies ate him.)

2013-03-01 08.13.58Overcoming Obstacles.  (They started over.)

Look at those faces.  Serious stuff, man.

Add a boatload of paperwork, some lawyers and politicians, and you’ve got a FEMA task force in the making.

Only with Zombies.

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One thought on “~ A Matter Of Grave Importance ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    MINEcraft – not MINDcraft… Trust me, I hear about it ALLLLL the time. M CONSTANTLY talks about it, telling me all about her house & her dogs & her cows & her chickens & her ducks & her cakes… (Yes, she likes to make cakes.) The only good thing *I’m* sure about is that it has become a most excellent tool for discipline – I take it away from her more than she gets to play it! If she’d quit the dad-burned lying… But that’s another story…

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