~ Mad Elf ~

Do you remember Mad Libs?  A few weeks ago, Goggy and Papa bought Critter a Mad Elf as a reward for getting such good grades.   It’s a little gizmo that asks you to supply words, then incorporates those words into a pre-written story, and tells it.

In an elf voice.

And apparently all elves suck Helium before speaking.

If you remember back in ~ Love Chain ~ we had gone to visit My Captain at the fire station where he was working overtime, because we missed him, because he’s working so hard, and because he has been away so much from his family during this holiday, he was a little bit down.

We arrived at Station 23….

2012-12-02 16.43.40

…..gave him his advent chain, and then Critter brought out his new Mad Elf.

2012-12-02 16.45.32

My Captain allowed Critter to suck him into a story.

2012-12-02 16.43.18

He took direction well from Varmint.

2012-12-02 16.43.48

Critter’s schtick is pretty much like any other 9-year-old boy’s would be….

2012-12-02 16.43.32

…every time he was asked for a noun, he offered: ‘Poop.’  Every time he was asked for a plural noun, he offered:  ‘Buttcheeks.’  Every time he was asked for a verb, he offered: ‘Farting.’    You get the picture.  This is nothing new to us.  But it cracks Critter up every stinkin’ time.

2012-12-02 16.44.31

My Captain was not only able to understand the humor….he regressed and met Critter on that level with such alacrity and ease it was astounding.

2012-12-02 16.44.08

And frankly, I think he needed that.

So to anyone suffering the blues during the holidays, I advise you to go immediately to your nearest Hallmark and buy a Mad Elf, because frankly, there are few things in this world funnier than hearing the word “Buttcheeks” in an elf-voice.

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2 thoughts on “~ Mad Elf ~

  1. lirtb

    We’re hearing those words frequently from the 6 year old in this house, too. Hoping it would phase out soon, but if 9 is still loving them, don’t know.

  2. Cathy B.

    Love this Pam! I think adult males love having sons so much because it gives them an excuse to laugh at the “bathroom” humor again. 🙂

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