~ Mayberry ~

A friend posted a picture of the center of our little town on Facebook tonight (Thank you, Valerie!).

When I looked at it, it was as if I was seeing Poolesville, Maryland for the first time.


Isn’t it beautiful?

We do actually live in color, even if much of our town is a little ‘old-tyme.’

Poolesville has one foot in 2013, and the other sometime in the ’50’s, I think.  And we seem to like it that way; we take the best of both.  It’s small enough that we are somewhat connected, but large enough that not everyone knows your business, unless you’re misbehaving…..

Our crime rate is lower than the national average.

Our schools rate higher than the national average.

People tend to be a little politer here then they are farther south in Montgomery County.  Maybe it’s because we are not as much in a hurry.  Maybe it’s because we aren’t so full of ourselves that we need to push one another out of the way.  Maybe because at any given time, someone around does know you, and will tell your ma if you’re being an embarrassment to the family.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, we do have our beloved McDonald’s and I have been known to get a little snippy in line if I am really super hungry and my sausage burrito is being held up by the lady in front of me who has to count out her exact change, and in doing so finds she has some Canadian coins that she wonders could they please take anyways, and no, says the kid behind the counter, and could you get the manager, please she says, and meanwhile the eggs in my burrito which I can SEE under the warmer are turning to rubber as we speak… wait, what was I talking about?

Oh, right.  Small town.  Polite.  Got it.

What I’m saying is, on the whole, we are fairly like “Mayberry.”

And, lukewarm sausage burritos aside, I like it that way.

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4 thoughts on “~ Mayberry ~

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice Pam! I love Poolesville.

  2. Very well said, Pam.

  3. Gail Lindsay Lee

    Thanks Pam…I echo your words and often refer to Poolesville as Mayberry! So many blessings ❤

  4. I echo your thoughts Pam…so blessed to live in a Mayberry small town! ❤

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