~ Define ‘Normal’ ~

My Captain and I got to spend time with old friends last night.  We don’t get to see them very often, so when it happens, we like to fill the time with deep thoughts, introspection, and soulful heart to heart conversation.

2012-12-28 21.28.25

It was a wonderful evening of philosophy and debate.

2012-12-28 21.27.47

We talked politics, romance, and religion.

2012-12-28 21.33.48

I won’t lie to you, the discussion was intense at times.

2012-12-28 22.05.36

But the food was good.

2012-12-28 21.55.53

As was the fellowship.

2012-12-28 19.01.49

This is how our friend, Jim, met us at the movie theatre.

Jim doesn’t really have a moustache.

Other than that, he and his wife, Tammy, are completely ‘Normal.’

And we love ’em!

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One thought on “~ Define ‘Normal’ ~

  1. Never once did Jim or I flash our ( oh wait) his over 55 discount card so I don’t know why you would need to refer to us as “OLD” friends! I mean really longtime, forever, or simply normal challenged friends would have been quite sufficient. Besides its been proven time and time again while Jim’s knees or back my squeak ( not mine of course) he will never grow up! Lol

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