~ Bassett’s ~

We were DOG tired tonight after a full day of WORK.  And not the kind of work where you get a paycheck at the end of it, either.  It was yard work, rental house fixing work, mud-pit project work. (remember the mud pit?)  I started the day making breakfast for My Captain, taking care of the chickens, and then off to the rental house I went – and there I stayed – painting from 10:00am to 7:00pm.


Except for when I peed, and I’m a fast pee-er, so that doesn’t really count for much.

When I came home, I was ready for DINNER. …and wouldn’t you know it, My Captain had not slaved away for me and had my meal ready, as I did for him, earlier this morning?!  The DOG!

He made up for it and then some, because he took me out to dinner.

We were too tired to go far, and our little town of Poolesville, Maryland has been undergoing a rather harsh economic crisis…so there are few choices for a sit down meal.

Lucky for us…BASSETT’S is an old town favorite restaurant that just got a new chef!

We sat down out in the charming patio and My Captain ordered his libation.  He’s a beer lover, that man, and so easy to please.  See the happy boy with beer in hand?

You’ll note my Blue Hawaiin in the corner there…mmmm…tasty!

We ordered our meal from the Chef’s Daily Specials.  And believe it or not….this new chef, Michael Queen, is an Army Veteran…a true Patriot.  I knew that no matter what we ordered, it would taste like FREEDOM!  (Ok, ok, so that was hokey.  But don’t you think it would make a great Country Music song?)

I tried his Cajun Baked Tilapia, with Rice Pilaf and Green Beans.  It was cooked perfectly.  PERFECTLY.  Moist, tender, and just spicy enough to keep me sassy.  (And by sassy, I mean my nose ran).  It was delicious.  Truly it was.

But I have to say….I wish I had ordered something else….

….My Captain’s Meatloaf.

Because, you see, it was delicious beyond compare.

I know this because I helped myself to it several times.

My Captain was too much a gentleman to stab me with his fork, God Bless him.  I sure do love that man.

So I shared my Brownie Sundae with him.  Because I’m loving like that.

And being loving like that has its rewards……

Bassett’s in Poolesville, Maryland….with its new Chef, Michael Queen.  Give it a try today!

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