~ Weird Day ~

The sound of crickets filled the moist morning air.

Darkness gave way to an early morning light as I rolled out of bed.

My Varmint’s middle school orientation began today, and I intended to meet the bus, even though it stops by our house at the butt-crack of dawn.   The calm of daybreak filled the house, the gentle wakening of everyone began.

And then….

All Hell Broke Loose:

Wakey, wakey!

Augh!  (Smack!) Leave me alone!

Time to get up!  Come on, I’ll help you!

Don’t even.  I’ll smack you into next Tuesday, Bub.

Would you get up if I cleaned behind your ear after I lick my genitals?


It’s gonna be a weird day.

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One thought on “~ Weird Day ~

  1. Captain9

    LOL, of course…but only AFTER you lick your genitals..NOT before! Animals are so funny that way!

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