~ Camping in the Wild ~

We decided to break in our brand-new, extra-spiffy, huger-than-huge tent last night.

We bought it for our upcoming trip to Glacier National Park with the kids later on this summer.   My Captain and I, being exceptionally Scout-Ready kind of people, decided it would be wise of us to make sure we:

1) know how to set up the new tent.

2) don’t have any tears or rips in the tent.


3) can comfortably fit both the munchkins and ourselves in the tent without anyone getting squished.

So we took ourselves and our gear to the wildest spot in Dickerson, Maryland that we could find….

Grandma Jane’s Orchard.

And we set up the tent.

It went like this:  My Captain, Varmint and Critter, did the work, and I took pictures and read the tent’s set-up instructions from the comfort of my Zero-Gravity Camp chair.

Not because I’m a sloth.  Not because I like to sit while others work.  I sat because my @#$^^$#!!! Knee still won’t work right. It keeps giving out on me for no good reason, and I’m in constant pain.  (But that is another story altogether.  And hey, aren’t we all tired of hearing about it?)

But on a happier note, my pretty pink toenails were cute as a button, if you ask me.

Oh, you didn’t?  Sorry.

Anyways, they did a great job.

I mean the family, not the toes.

What struck me most was the fantastic camaraderie they shared while they worked.

They showed tremendous teamwork.  Each person willing to do their best. (Would you just look at those adorable little piggly-wigglies?)

Would you just look at his gorgeous hind-end?  Man! I love that guy!

They finished, feeling flush with pride and excitement for sleeping under the stars.

And our new tent was enormous…three whole rooms…each kid got their own compartment, and My Captain and I took the center room.

And we slept like the pioneers in the wilds….the wild of Dickerson at Grandma Jane’s Orchard….where the bathroom was only a short jog away.

And the Fridge.

And her TV.

And internet.

And the phone with the number for Kristopher’s Pizza Delivery on the speed dial.

I just LOVE roughing it!

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5 thoughts on “~ Camping in the Wild ~

  1. Anonymous

    Roughing it is turning the electric blanket down to “medium.”

    Now about Peaches…………..

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak


  3. Cheryl Currutt

    I sure hope you remember to pack your fly pest strip!

  4. Don

    Hey, I have some none biting bugs. (FAKE) I could send them to you, if you want!!!

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